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Are you frustrated with the current state of affairs of your small business and just don’t know where to turn? Is the whole process of utilizing the Internet to drive leads and sales just got you baffled?

Are you frustrated with not being able to drive more web-based traffic to your existing business?Are you driving lots of traffic but it’s just not the right traffic?

Could it be that your offline media mix is not working like it used to due to the shift to online and mobile technology?

What about the world of Social Media…social_icons3Is it working like it should or causing you pull your hair out and go grey earlier than you'd like?

So let’s be frank here – and let me ask you this – what has been holding you back from having the success you desire and deserve in your small business? Or perhaps you are implementing things just fine – but you just aren’t getting the kind of results you think you should?  Or is it deeper than that – you don’t know what you don’t know?

claudia_text“Secrets of the Tiny Store” provides a great ‘map’ to succeed. Really, it’s true! Dave’s honesty and genuineness clearly shows and this isn’t just a ‘how-to’ book. We readers are getting the ‘why it works’ based on previous successes and failures of his own business. That’s the key! I have firsthand experience in working with Dave and I appreciate the opportunity to give my impressions about “Secrets of the Tiny Store.” And now after having read it through twice, I already know what I’m going to do first to improve my own “tiny store.”

“One of the best written and most intelligent ‘Small Business Help’ books I have come across. A thorough explanation of a successful business model which I personally witnessed and profited from. The hard won, tried and true Secrets of The Tiny Store are methodically and carefully revealed, and can work for anyone who wants to apply them!”

Doug Stambaughz, Former VP IM David Furniture, Independent Sales Rep., 44 Years Experience in the Furniture Industry

"SOTS is a reference book every retailer should have no matter how small or how big. Dave has done a phenomenal job explaining how a retailer can maximize its advertising dollars and different ways of creating business in today's social media environment. He has written this book that has the tools for the retailer to follow if they want to survive in today's economy. Dave was one of the best dealers that I worked with, in creating ways to generate customers without having a big advertising budget. Again I highly recommend SOTS for every retailer.”

Dave Young - Former National Sales & Territory Manager, Brunswick Billiards


Is the Online World Just Driving You Nuts?

Are You Sick and Tired of trying to figure out what’s working Online with The Search Engines, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and the hundreds of directories and social media sites?

Wouldn't it be great to have more search traffic and inquiries on a daily, weekly and monthly basis than you have ever had before? Would this help to eliminate your frustration and make it worth the time and money to market on the web?


animephone2Has Your Service Business Got the Blues?

Is your service-based company looking to get to the next level, but no matter what you do it just doesn’t seem like you’re able to make it happen?

Would you like to take your service company to the next level and not have it cost you thousands and thousands of dollars?

How would your profit picture look at the end of the year if you increased your market share and customer satisfaction?


timeoutguyDo You Own, Operate or Manage a Retail Business?

Are you frustrated about the loss of prospects, loss of sales, and loss customers to the Internet or a local competitor? Maybe lackluster or inconsistent sales has just made it so hard that you don’t look forward to working anymore?

How would your retail business look if you could develop new business in a related niche?And grow this niche so it helps increase your bottom line...


sadfacebagheadDoes Your Home-Based Business Need a Boost?

Could it be that you struggle with being an owner/operator and can't seem to make time  to market and bring in new business? Or maybe you're just getting started, have a shoe-string budget and your new home based operation needs some help with generating sales?

How would your business look if your revenues increased, the phone was ringing off the hook and your email was plugged up with new business inquiries?

Well if you’d like to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to attracting and retaining customers, and increasing your small business’ sales, now you can do something about it without putting a major strain on your checkbook…

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What is the Tiny Store and Who Ran it?

The Tiny Store was a small ‘niche oriented’ retail, rental & service business that existed for 18 years and finally sold in 2001, right after 911. It was a family run operation located in the Puget Sound region of Washington State that eventually got to the point of producing over $900 per square foot in sales.

It took years of trial and error, with lots of success and heartaches, but the people who ran The Tiny Store were able to do and achieve so much, while their competitors sat idly and watched. Manufacturers and distributors attempted to find out how they did it. But none of the information was ever shared or distributed until the former GM decided to finally bring forth The Secrets of The Tiny Store in this information product.


Would your business look totally different this next month if you Increased Sales by Just 10%? How about being able to drive more traffic to your existing business and make this previous statement a reality?

Now You Can by Applying and Putting into Action the Tactics, Tips and Strategies from the Secrets of the Tiny Store® into Your Small Business…

The Secrets of The Tiny Store® is packed with Tips, Tactics and Ideas You Can Put to Use Today – Including:


Discover the Power of Diversification to Dominate Niches


3 Ways You can grow Retail Store Traffic


How to Retain Customers & Clients and Get them to Come back again and again…


3 Simple Ways to Track All of Your Advertising ( including print, tv & direct mail)


How to Attract the Right Prospects who Are In the Market for Your Products or Services


Learn the Best Tactics to Get Your Existing Customers to be Your Best Fans


Tips on How to Take Advantage of the Mobile Marketing Boom


A Simple Formula for Developing Repeat & Referral Business


How You Can Combine Offline and Online Marketing to Bring in More Customers


The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Do with Your Advertising


A Surprising Solution to Creating Simple Affordable Videos


How PR Can Help Increase Your Market Exposure and Build Your Brand

Start Increasing Sales this Next Week in Your Small Business!

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A Few Hours to Review the Information


To Put the Information Into Your Business by Taking Action…


Test, Track and Survey Your Way to Success


It’s really that simple. Even if you are technically challenged you can do it. 🙂


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